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   Social Anxiety Center of NY

- from shyness to self-confidence -          

White Plains Hospital Anxiety Treatment Center Affiliate / Anxiety Disorders Association of America Member

10 Session Workshop

Function with Shyness
Become More Assertive
Engage in Conversation
Employment Interview Skills
Manage Confrontation

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Free Trial Session

You are welcome to observe a session to see if the program is right for you, with no hidden charges or obligation to enroll.

Convenient Upper West Side Location

Saturdays - Noon to 1:30 PM


E-Book - Overcoming the World's # 1 Fear

The step by step eBook guide for mastering public speaking and social anxiety will be emailed to you by Zip file for only $20.

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Featured in Crains Magazine


Crain's - June 2005

10 Sessions - $299 - Enroll Today

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Social Anxiety Support Workshop of NY

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No charge for missed sessions with 24 hour notice. No Refunds